Ad Non Conscriptum

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Robert Stanley Weir, After Ipres and Other Verse (Toronto: Musson, 1917): epigraph. PS 8545 E432A7 Robarts Library
2But for the shame of it,
3You crossed the sea.
4Knowing the need of men,
5You of the breed of men,
7    Cried out: Send me.
8Not for this land alone,
9Or King's command alone,
10You bore your part.
11Hearing the shout of France,
12You sped like knight with lance
13For maid's deliverance:
14    You, great of heart.


1] "To those who were not conscripted" (required to fight -- in World War I). Back to Line
6] Recking: heeding. rede: counsel. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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2006 Canada Day