Angels don't have fun (#14a)

Angels don't have fun (#14a)

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Wendy Agnew, "#14a,"The Lillian Lectures (Toronto: Coach House Books, 1998).

1Angels don't have fun
2cause they're always praying
3and crows have lots of fun
4but they get shot at
5they get to eat road kill
6and fly south
7for the winter
8one angel
9collected crow feathers
10and made herself
11a secret wing
12all black
13and she'd fly down
14and play with the crows
15till God
16caught her by the toe
17held her upside down
18and hung her off a tree
19the crows saw
21and pecked out her eyes


20] bitsy: perhaps her spider (cf. "Ok Lillian Pillian Rillian"). Back to Line
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