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Random Poem of the Day

1You two, who woo, take record of to-night;
2(This corner, that arc-light):
3For you may never feel again
4Such joyful pain.
5Your bodies, which do tremble, thrill and rock
6In one bright carnal shock,
7Will cool: your senses will relax
8From their climax.
9Hectic virgin fury rinsed with dew;
10Red nerves; white lust!—If you
11Could only keep in jewel-case
12The word, the face.
13To see you pull upon each other’s flesh,
14And how you strain the mesh,
15I fear eventual narrow bed
16In which you’ll wed.
17You group your bodies like old potter’s ware,
18Moulded that people stare,
19And placed on chimney-piece apart
20To please their heart.
21I hope you’ll not be thwarted in your lust
22Now while you so trust.
23You are too like that vernal green,
24Once only seen.
25Here is an orchard. While the fruit be sweet
26Pluck all you can, and eat.
27So many lovers mix like you,
28But which are true?