Youth in Age

Original Text: 
Ethelwyn Wetherald, The Last Robin: Lyrics and Sonnets (Toronto: William Briggs, 1907): 171. Internet Archive.
1When younger women stand a breathing space
2    Before their mirrors, with an inward smile
3    At burnished hair or slender throat or wile
4Of dimpled chin, or nest a rose in lace
5And note how perfectly it mates the face,
6    I, pallid, worn and hollow-templed, pile
7    My heart with thoughts of secret triumphs, while
8Young hopes are mine, young bliss and youth's light pace.
9For when my lover's eyes are fixed on me
10    There are no years, no hollows, no gray days,
11        No harsh realities, no endless prose;
12But only flowery lanes of poetry,
13    Through which we wander, lost in sweet amaze
14        That life could hold such fairness near its close.
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Ian Lancashire
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