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Jones Very, Poems and Essays (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1888): 116. Internet Archive Form:
1'T is to yourself I speak; you cannot know
2Him whom I call in speaking such an one,
3For thou beneath the earth liest buried low,
4Which he alone as living walks upon;
5Thou mayst at times have heard him speak to you,
6And often wished perchance that you were he;
7And I must ever wish that it were true,
8For then thou couldst hold fellowship with me;
9But now thou hear'st us talk as strangers, met
10Above the room wherein thou liest abed;
11A word perhaps loud spoken thou mayst get,
12Or hear our feet when heavily they tread;
13But he who speaks, or him who's spoken to,
14Must both remain as strangers still to you.
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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