Since ye so Please

Original Text: 
British Library Devonshire MS. 2711, fol. 53; cf. Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt, ed. Kenneth Muir and Patricia Thomson (Liverpool, 1969): 210.
5But cursed be that cruel heart
6Which hath procur'd a careless mind
7For me and mine unfeigned smart,
8And forceth me such faults to find.
9More than too much I am assured
10Of thine intent, whereto to trust;
12And now I leave it to them that lust.


1] plain: complain. Back to Line
2] smart: sharp pain. Back to Line
3] lenger: see note to "Farewell Love", line 14 above. Back to Line
4] overthwart: malicious. Back to Line
11] speedless proof: unsuccessful outcome. Back to Line
Publication Start Year: 
RPO poem Editors: 
F. D. Hoeniger; Ian Lancashire
RPO Edition: 
RP 1963: I.11 (F. D. Hoeniger); RPO 1994 (IL).