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George Henry Boker, Sonnets: A Sequence on Profane Love, ed. Edward Sculley Bradley (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1929). http://www.sonnets.org/profane-1.htm

1The leaden eyelids of wan twilight close
2Upon the sun; and now the misty dew
3Trails its wet skirts across the glades, and through
4The tangled grasses of the meadow goes,
5Shaking a drop in every open rose,
6In every lily's cup; Yon dreary yew
7Alone looks darker for the tears that strew
8Its dusky leaves, and deeper shadow throws,
9And closer gathers; as if it would sit
10As one who, mourning, wraps his mantle tight,
11And huddles nearer to the dismal sight
12Of some lost love; so yonder tree seems knit
13Fast to the grave beneath; my heart takes flight,
14To that lone yew, and cowers under it.
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