Written on a Wall at Woodstock

Original Text: 
Paul Hentzner, Itinerarium Germaniae, Galliae, Angliae, Italiae (Noribergae, 1612). B-10 5833 Fisher Rare Book Library [1629 edn.]
1Oh Fortune, thy wresting wavering state
2Hath fraught with cares my troubled wit,
3Whose witness this present prison late
4Could bear, where once was joy's loan quit.
5Thou causedst the guilty to be loosed
6From bands where innocents were inclosed,
7And caused the guiltless to be reserved,
8And freed those that death had well deserved.
9But all herein can be nothing wrought,
10So God send to my foes all they have thought.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1996-2000.