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At the Long Sault and Other New Poems, ed. Duncan Campbell Scott and Edward Killoran Brown (Toronto: Ryerson, 1943): 21, as reprinted in The Poems of Archibald Lampman (including At the Long Sault), intro. by Margaret Coulby Whitridge (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974).
1I saw the city's towers on a luminous pale-gray sky;
2Beyond them a hill of the softest mistiest green,
3With naught but frost and the coming of night between,
4And a long thin cloud above the colour of August rye.
5I sat in the midst of a plain on my snowshoes with bended knee
6Where the thin wind stung my cheeks,
7And the hard snow ran in little ripples and peaks,
8Like the fretted floor of a white and petrified sea.
9And a strange peace gathered about my soul and shone,
10As I sat reflecting there,
11In a world so mystically fair,
12So deathly silent--I so utterly alone.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1997.