Winter promises

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© Marge Piercy. JOE 1.3 (1999).
1Tomatoes rosy as perfect baby's buttocks,
2eggplants glossy as waxed fenders,
3purple neon flawless glistening
4peppers, pole beans fecund and fast
6big as truck tire zinnias that mildew
7will never wilt, roses weighing down
8a bush never touched by black spot,
9brave little fruit trees shouldering up
10their spotless ornaments of glass fruit:
11I lie on the couch under a blanket
12of seed catalogs ordering far
13too much. Sleet slides down
14the windows, a wind edged
15with ice knifes through every crack.
16Lie to me, sweet garden-mongers:
17I want to believe every promise,
18to trust in five pound tomatoes
19and dahlias brighter than the sun
20that was eaten by frost last week.
Copyright 1999 Marge Piercy JOE


5] An allusion to the fairy tale, Jack and the beanstalk, and to the so-called "Pfizer riser," a drug that produces a hard erection in (sexually aroused) men. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2000.
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