The Wedding Posy

Original Text: 
The Collected Sonnets of Charles (Tennyson) Turner. Ed. F. B. Pinion and M. Pinion (London: MacMillan Press, 1988) : 203.
1Thanks to thy newly-wedded hand, which gave
2These bridal honours to the tomb to-day,
3A daughter's wedding posy! Who shall say
4It is a truant at a father's grave?
5O'er the blue hills, fair Edith, thou art gone;
6Thou and thy votive flowers are sunder'd wide;
7But still ye are so tenderly allied
8On earth, that your twin sweetness shall be one
9In heaven. Our Father's eye shall ne'er reprove
10The bride's recurrence to the daughter's love.
11And when thou hast fulfill'd thy days and hours,
12And thy pure life its meed of glory brings,
13The earliest passage of thine angel wings
14Among the blest shall tell of orange flowers!
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Ian Lancashire
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