Warm Summer Sun

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A Collection of Verse by California Poets from 1849 to 1915, comp. Augustin S. Macdonald (San Francisco: A. M. Robertson, 1914): 22. New York Public Library
2    Shine kindly here,
3Warm southern wind,
4    Blow softly here.
5Green sod above,
6    Lie light, lie light.
7Good night, dear heart,
8    Good night, good night.


1] Written by the poet on the tombstone of his daughter, Olivia Susan Clemens (March 19, 1872 to August 18, 1896). She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. The poem excerpts Robert Richardson's "Annette" (Willow and Wattle [1893]). See www.design.caltech.edu/erik/Misc/Twain_eulogy.html. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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