Visualization of Marxism

Original Text: 
Bell, Julian. Work from the Winter and Other Poems. London: Hogarth Press, 1936: 14.
1Expose the world, anatomize,
2Strip clothes from skin, strip skin, then flesh, from bone.
3Himself no surgeon, true, can sterilize,
4But yet the self-infection can be shown.
5Corrode and doubt; anesthetize the heart;
6Morphia or curiosity drown the reviving smart.
7Clear as white water in the stream we see
8Shadowed the species of eternity;
9The working process, self a working part:
10For not one necessary fiction's grace
11Can quite make mask th' observer's outward face,
12Or thought one extra atom's movement start.
13The moving pointer tells, and having told
14Not the immediacy of hot and cold,
15Nor yet the pale abstraction of a mind
16(For algebra and instruments record
17No immanent emergence of the Word.)
18Tells solid, painful foothold all we find.
19Why turn, why seek, why question for an end?
20Why hope? Time flows: shows useless to defend
21A cosy corner in the rising flood.
22The tide is coming in: the dykes are down:
23War, Terror, Poverty, swing through the town,
24And the cold wind claims to be understood.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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