Violin Song

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Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1919 and Year Book of American Poetry, ed. William Stanley Braithwaite (Boston: Small, Maynard, 1919): 43. PS 614 B7 1919 Robarts Library
1The thing that I am seeking
2    I know I shall not find;
3A wistful voice is crying
4    This sorrow in my mind.
5I know I shall not find it
6    However far I go,
7But I shall always seek it --
8    My heart has told me so.
9Though I must always wander
10    I do not find it sweet;
11There is no journey's ending
12    To draw my restless feet.
13There is no distant vision
14    To help me on my way;
15I know my quest is hopeless
16    And yet I may not stay.
17The thing that I am seeking
18    Should not be far to seek.
19I hear this haunting echo
20    Through every word I speak.
21So I shall always seek it
22    Down all the roads I go,
23But I shall never find it --
24    My heart has told me so.
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In Sun Books and Book World.
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Ian Lancashire
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