The Violin

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The Westminster Problems Book: Prose and Verse, comp. N.G. Royde Smith, from The Sanctuary Westminster Gazette Competitions, 1904-1907 (London: Methuen, 1908): 250. Keynes J.5.8 Cambridge University Library
1The Violin, all good musicians say,
2    While yet in babyhood you must begin;
3    And so, beneath my little rounded chin,
4'Twas promptly tucked, and I began to play
5                      The Violin.
6No ear had I, or skill; but Discipline
8And rent the air with Purgatorial din;
9    Pondering the while, profoundly, day by day,
10Of dark recesses, secret nooks, wherein
11    I might (with Providential aid) mislay
12                      The Violin.


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Ian Lancashire
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