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Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major: The Songs and Ballads of World War II, ed. Martin Page (St. Alban's, Frogmore, Herts: Panther, 1975): 134-35. PR 1175 V4P3 1975 University of Victoria
To the tune of 'The Foggy, Foggy Dew'
2The Führer pays me well for what I do.
3The order of the battle, I obtained from last night's rattle
4On the golf course with a Brigadier from 'Q'.
6It's part of my profession as a spy,
7While his mind's on copulation I'm exacting information
10I get from them the low-down on the works,
11And when sleeping in the raw with a major from G4
12I learn of Britain's bargain with the Turks.
13On the point of the emission, in the 23rd position,
14While I quavered with exotic ecstasy,
15I heard of the location of a very secret station
18Enjoy themselves away from England's shore,
19Why bring victory nearer when the lovelies of Gezira
20Provide them with a lovely fucking war?


1] Gezira: Gezira is in Sudan, but the Gezira Golf Club in Cairo (a favoured stop for British soldiers in World War II) may be intended. Back to Line
5] gharry: box-like horse-drawn vehicle typical of the Near East. Back to Line
8] GSO: General Staff Officer. GSI: General Staff Intelligence. Back to Line
9] DDWS: Perhaps "Department of Drinking Water Supply" staff. Back to Line
16] SO: Senior Officer. OS3: perhaps "Operations Specialist 3". Back to Line
17] stagers: veterans. Back to Line
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Published anonymously, but attributed to Reynolds.
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Ian Lancashire
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