Upon the Vine-tree

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J. B., A Book for Boys and Girls: or, Country Rhimes for Children (London: N. P., 1686): 53-54. PR 3329 D1 1686a Robarts Library.
XLV. Upon the Vine-tree.
1What is the Vine, more than another Tree,
2Nay most, than it, more tall, more comly be?
3What Work-man thence will take a Beam or Pin,
4To make ought which may be delighted in?
5     It's Excellency in it's Fruit doth lie.
6     A fruitless Vine! It is not worth a Fly.
7What are Professors more than other men?
8Nothing at all. Nay, there's not one in ten,
9Either for Wealth, or Wit, that may compare,
10In many things, with some that Carnal are.
11Good are they, if they mortifie their Sin;
12But without that they are not worth a Pin.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1999.