Upon a Quiet Conscience

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Miscellanea Sacra: or, Poems on Divine & Moral Subjects, ed. N. Tate, 2nd edn. (London: Henry Playford, 1698): 16. Brett-Smith.d.33 Cambridge University Library
2Thy soul is safe, thy body sure;
3He that guards thee, he that keeps,
4Never slumbers, never sleeps.
5A quiet conscience, in a quiet breast,
6Has only peace, has only rest:
7The music and the mirth of kings
8Are out of tune, unless she sings.
9Then close thine eyes in peace, and rest secure,
10No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.


1] This poem is attributed to Charles I but its authorship remains uncertain. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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