Union Station

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Dani Couture. Sweet. Toronto: Pedlar Press, 2010. 

1I cannot love you all and I won't.
2The shoulder knows the will of the heart.
3The clam-soft give. The crack of the shell.
4Talk in a low slow voice, wave your lunch bone arms.
5The children with keys at collarbone are building fires
6in the tunnels, forts at every junction.
7Let them go. The way is littered with leftovers—
8pale white stalks, tender volva. Pick one.
9There are other ways home.
10Brushed metal canines, the gate, will score
11what you can afford to leave behind.
12Impress me with your stones, your height.
13The sweet dip of your neck.
14All that you love,
15keep high.
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Jim Johnstone
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Poem used with permission of the author.