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W. Cosmo Monkhouse, A Dream of Idleness, and Other Poems (London: Edward Moxon, 1865): 25-26. 11651.aa.19 British Library
1I would not wish thee other than thou art;
2I love thee, love, so well in every part,
3    That had I power to change thee
4        In form or face or mind,
5        I could not find
6    The heart to re-arrange thee.
7For we were made to suit each other, sweet,
8Apart, uneven, but when join'd, complete,
9    With powers and failings matching
10        In each as strictly well
11        As in some shell
12    The sharp teeth interlatching.
13And so I would not have thee change, for fear
14The valves might ope and gape a little, dear.
15    But we are like the weather
16        A-changing every day,
17        And so I pray
18    That we may change together --
19Change like twin shells, that nothing can estrange,
20But ever changing never feel a change:
21    So grow for one another
22        That each may aye present
23        The complement
24    That doth fulfil the other.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2001.