Original Text: 
Gould, Gerald. The Augustan Books of English Poetry: Gerald Gould. Edited by Humbert Wolfe. London: Ernest Benn Ltd, 1928: 8-9.
1The fields grow dim; the sombre mills
2Stand crucified against the skies;
3Blue in the distance rise
4The ancient hills.
5The stars come softly, and the least
6Last wind is dead as dead desires;
7A swarm of silver spires
8Fades in the East.
9The heavy thoughts that dwelt with me
10Slip from me soundless, as the dead
11Sink to their quiet bed
12Far out to sea.
13The stars are empty of concern,
14The earth is empty of unrest;
15Almost the burning West
16Has ceased to burn.
17Grey rivers and grey roads, and dells
18Having the darkness at their heart;
19From valleys, far apart,
20The noise of bells.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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