From Troilus and Cressida

Original Text: 
John Dryden, Troilus and Cressida (1679).
2Or worth the possessing,
3Can life be a blessing if love were away?
4Ah no! though our love all night keep us waking,
5And though he torment us with cares all the day,
6Yet he sweetens, he sweetens our pains in the taking,
7There's an hour at the last, there's an hour to repay.
8In ev'ry possessing,
9The ravishing blessing,
10In ev'ry possessing the fruit of our pain,
11Poor lovers forget long ages of anguish,
12Whate'er they have suffer'd and done to obtain;
13'Tis a pleasure, a pleasure to sigh and to languish,
14When we hope, when we hope to be happy again.


1] The original music is by Thomas Farmer. The musical setting first appeared in Choice Ayres and Songs, 1681. There is a later setting by John Eccles. Back to Line
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G. G. Falle
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3RP 2.59.