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Arachnia, Occasional Verses (London: Macmillan, 1904: 163. Internet Archive.

1Lost is my strength, my mirth, the joy intense
2    Of very life, the comrades and the zest; --
3    All, even to my pride, that unsuppressed
4Had wrought my spirit to self-confidence.
5When truth I recognised, my raptured sense
6    Dreamed I had found a love to be caressed;
7    But palling as I clasped her to my breast
8Loathing and ashes were my recompense.
9Yet is she still divine; and they that curled
10    The lip in sight of her have dulled their ears
11To wisdom's echoes in our under-world.
12    God speaks: perforce my naked soul replies; --
13    One thing of all is left me. -- that mine eyes
14Have sometimes been not unacquaint with tears.
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Ian Lancashire
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