Original Text: 
S. M. B. Piatt, "Transfigured," Scribners Monthly 19.2 (Dec. 1879): 195.
1Almost afraid they led her in:
2    (A dwarf more piteous none could find);
3Withered as some weird leaf, and thin,
4    The woman was .- and wan and blind.
5Into his mirror with a smile .-
6    Not vain to be so fair, but glad .-
7The South-born painter looked the while,
8    With eyes than Christ's alone less sad.
9"Mother of God," in pale surprise
10    He whispered, "What am I to paint?"
11A voice that sounded from the skies
12    Said to him: "Raphael, a saint."
13She sat before him in the sun;
14    He scarce could look at her, and she
15Was still and silent. "It is done,"
16    He said. "Oh, call the world to see!"
17Ah, that was she in veriest truth .-
18    Transcendent face and haloed hair;
19The beauty of divinest youth,
20    Divinely beautiful, was there.
21Herself into her picture passed .-
22    Herself and not her poor disguise
23Made up of time and dust. At last
24    One saw her with the Master's eyes.
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Ian Lancashire
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