Too Much has Resisted Us

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Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Living in Paradise: New and Selected Poems (Toronto: Manfield Press, 2001): 4.
1i have been thinking of the long arms of peasant girls,
2of cold streams where the sun washes up on the sand.
3of far-away places, things i might love,
4of the town where i was born, its long streets
5climbing the dusk hill, of the young girls in the
6arms of boys, suspended in the thin light
7of street lamps. i have thought of june wind outside
8the town filling the cypress, running down tall vines
9of the full stars, of my feet on the peebles of deserted roads.
10i have thought of these things, & my heart is on fire
11for them. a man goes to these places
12& decides for himself which way the
13sun shall fall on his eyes.
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The Circular Dark (1977)
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Ian Lancashire
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Copyright Pier Giorgio Di Cicco 2001