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Thomas Carlyle, Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, I (London: Chapman and Hall, 1872): 292-93.
1So here hath been dawning
2Another blue Day:
3Think wilt thou let it
4Slip useless away.
5Out of Eternity
6This new Day is born;
7Into Eternity,
8At night, will return.
9Behold it aforetime
10No eye ever did:
11So soon it forever
12From all eyes is hid.
13Here hath been dawning
14Another blue Day:
15Think wilt thou let it
16Slip useless away.
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Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, 2nd edn., I (1840). See Rodger L. Tarr, Thomas Carlyle: A Descriptive Bibliography (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989): A 10.2.I.a.
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