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Ruth Gilbert, The Sunlit Hour: Poems (London, 1955): 21.
1You that no skill could stir, I feel you stirring
2A restless ghost within my haunted side;
3Your light feet thrust, your frail hands beat against me
4Asking the life eternally denied.
5You that I could not find, I wake to find you
6Shadowy head asleep upon my breast;
8Your image fades and I am dispossessed.
9O child who did not cry, you cry forever
10Through all my nights, and impotently I
11Rock anguished arms, and try in vain to hush you
12With stricken lullaby.


7] lean: lie down (OED, "lie," v.1, 1a). She goes to bed hungry, as if punished for misbehaviour. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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