St. Louis Blues

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The St. Louis Blues and Other Song Hits of 1914, ed. Sandy Marrone (New York: Dover, 1990): 57-61.
1I hate to see de evening sun go down
2Hate to see de evenin' sun go down
5Feel tomorrow lak ah feel today
8Pulls dat man roun' by her apron strings
10De man ah love would not gone nowhere.
11Got de St. Louis Blues jes blue as ah can be
12Dat man got a heart lak a rock cast in the sea
13Or else he wouldn't gone so far from me.
15Been to de Gypsy to get ma fortune tole
16To de Gypsy done got ma fortune tole
18Gypsy done tole me, "don't you wear no black
19Yas she done tole me "don't you wear no black
20Go to St. Louis you can win him back
24If ah flag his train I sho can ride.
25I loves dat man lak a school-boy loves his pie
26Lak a Kentucky Col'nel loves his mint an rye,
27I'll love ma baby till de day ah die.
31He'd make a cross-eyed 'oman go stone blin'.
32Blacker than midnight, teeth lak flags o' truce
33Blackest man in de whole St Louis,
34Blacker de berry, sweeter are the juice
35About a crap game he knows a pow'ful lot
36But when work-time comes, he's on de dot
37Gwine to ask him for a cold ten spot
38What it takes to git it he's cert'nly got.


3] dis: this. Back to Line
4] lak ah: like I. Back to Line
6] ma: my. Back to Line
7] wid: with. Back to Line
9] 'Twant: were it not. Back to Line
14] Dog-gone-it! polite form of "God damn it." The score notes that this line is spoken. Back to Line
17] Im is wile: I am wily (?).Jelly Roll: sweetheart, "lay." Back to Line
21] maself: a true rhyme with "Jeff" as sounded in the southern United States. Back to Line
22] Cairo: city in Illinois. Back to Line
23] Gwine: going. Back to Line
28] The score notes that this line is spoken. Back to Line
29] stove pipe brown: dark-coloured man, thin as a stove pipe. Back to Line
30] Dimon Joseph line: Diamond Joe line of steamers (the owner was Joseph Reynolds), an Iowa business. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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