The Sorrows of Charlotte

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The Capital 2:23:1 (August 11, 1872).
2    Little girl of mine. Will I show you what
3His sorrows were like? Such a brown-eyed look
4    Could hardly see. Never mind, they were not
5Such sorrows, I fancy as yours or mine,
6But such as in pictures look so fine,
7    And such as can end .- in a pistol shot.
8."Is any one else in the Book?." (I knew
9    She would ask me that.) Yes, Charlotte is there.
10."Then is it the Sorrows of Charlotte too?."
11    No, child, for never a man would care
12To write such a long sad story, you see,
13    As the .- cutting of bread-and-butter would be;
14    And never a woman had time to dare!


1] In Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774), the hopeless protagonist falls in love with Charlotte as she is giving bread and butter to her brothers and sisters. Back to Line
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Cf. Palace-Burner: The Selected Poetry of Sarah Piatt, ed. Paula Bennett (Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2001): 33.
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Ian Lancashire
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