Song of a Sewing Machine

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Constance Davies Woodrow, The Celtic Heart (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1929): 56. PS 8545O62C4 Robarts Library
1Oh, the happiest worker of all am I,
2As my wheel and my needle so merrily fly;
3With a spool full of thread and a heart full of song,
4I am ready and willing to work the day long.
5Oh, faster and faster my glad wheel flies
6When it catches the light in a young maid's eyes;
7The dearest and tenderest girlhood dreams
8I stitch into gossamer hems and seams.
9But slower my wheel and softer my song
10When fairy-like fragments are guided along --
11I am stitching the dreams most sacred of all
12Into dear little gowns and a wee silken shawl.
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Ian Lancashire
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