Song to the Evening Star

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The New Monthly Magazine. London, 1814-. AP 4 N45 ROBA.
1  Star that bringest home the bee,
2And sett'st the weary labourer free!
3If any star shed peace, 'tis thou,
4    That send'st it from above,
5Appearing when Heaven's breath and brow
6    Are sweet as hers we love.
7  Come to the luxuriant skies
8Whilst the landscape's odours rise,
9Whilst far-off lowing herds are heard,
10    And songs, when toil is done,
11From cottages whose smoke unstirred
12    Curls yellow in the sun.
13  Star of lover's soft interviews,
14Parted lovers on thee muse;
15Their remembrancer in heaven
16    Of thrilling vows thou art,
17Too delicious to be riven
18    By absence from the heart.
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J. D. Robins
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