A son Ame

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"Pierre de Ronsard," Representative French Poetry, ed. Victor E. Graham, 2nd edn. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1965): 14-15.

1Amelette Ronsardelette,
2Mignonnelette, doucelette,
3Tres-chere hostesse de mon corps,
4Tu descens là bas foiblelette,
5Pasle, maigrelette, seulette,
6Dans le froid royaume des mors;
7Toutesfois simple, sans remors
8De meurtre, poison, ou rancune,
9Mesprisant faveurs et tresors
12Ne trouble mon repos, je dors.


10] la commune: the common herd. Back to Line
11] Passant here is a noun. Back to Line
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This poem, which first appeared in 1586, was written shortly before Ronsard's death. The source is Hadrian's Animula vagula blandula.

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Victor E. Graham
Data entry: Sharine Leung
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Second edition copyright © 1965 University of Toronto Press. Reprinted with permission of the publisher, from which written permission must be obtained for any other edition or other means of reproduction.