Some Ghosts & Some Ghouls

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Jay Macpherson, Poems Twice Told: The Boatman & Welcoming Disaster (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1981): 71.
1While we loved those who never read our poems,
2Answered our letters, said the simple things we
3Waited so long for, and were too polite to
4     See we were crying,
5Irony fed us: for the days we watched our
6Chances to please them, nights in rumpled beds lay
7Gored by their phantoms, guilty most of suffering,
8     We were rewarded.
9While we admired how ignorance became them,
10Coldness adorned, they came at length to trust us,
11Made us their mirrors: last their hopeless loves to
12     Us they confided.
13They were our teachers: what we are, they made us.
14Cautious our converse, prudent our behaviour,
15Guarded our faces: we behind them lurking,
16     Greedy, devourers.
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Welcoming Disaster (Toronto: Saannes, 1974).
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Ian Lancashire
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