To a Sicilian Boy

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Caprices: Poems by Theodore Wratislaw (London: Gay and Bird, 1893): 31. Facsimile edition (New York and London: Garland, 1984). PR 6045 R34 C3 1984
1Love, I adore the contours of thy shape,
2Thine exquisite breasts and arms adorable;
3The wonders of thy heavenly throat compel
4Such fire of love as even my dreams escape:
5I love thee as the sea-foam loves the cape,
6Or as the shore the sea's enchanting spell:
7In sweets the blossoms of thy mouth excel
8The tenderest bloom of peach or purple grape.
9I love thee, sweet! Kiss me, again, again!
10Thy kisses soothe me as tired earth the rain;
11Between thine arms I find mine only bliss:
12Ah let me in thy bosom still enjoy
13Oblivion of the past, divinest boy,
14And the dull ennui of a woman's kiss!
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Ian Lancashire
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