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Paul Dutton, Aurealities (Toronto: Coach House Press, 1991): 32.
1You should've loved me, I guess;
2should've guessed I would have you
3'n' love'd've been what
4would've, should've been
5'n' I'd've loved you
6if you'd've loved me, I guess
7if I'd been loving
8you'd've had me
9loving you,
10only you
11loving having me
12'n' 'd've been
14'n' 'd've had
16'n' 'd've
17you 'n' me
18'n' bein' in love
19'n' I'd have you, love,
20'n' you'd have me
21'n' love'd have us
22'n' we'd have love
23'n' you
24'n' I
25'n' love
26'n' I should've loved you, I guess;
27should've guessed
28you would have me.
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Ian Lancashire
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