Sheep and Lambs

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Katharine Tynan, Ballads and Lyrics (London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1891): 6-7. del T962 B35 1891 Fisher Rare Book Library
1All in the April evening,
2     April airs were abroad,
3The sheep with their little lambs
4     Passed me by on the road.
5The sheep with their little lambs
6     Passed me by on the road;
7All in the April evening
8     I thought on the Lamb of God.
9The lambs were weary, and crying
10     With a weak, human cry.
11I thought on the Lamb of God
12     Going meekly to die.
13Up in the blue, blue mountains
14     Dewy pastures are sweet
15Rest for the little bodies,
16     Rest for the little feet
17But for the Lamb of God,
18     Up on the hill-top green,
19Only a Cross of shame
20     Two stark crosses between.
21All in the April evening,
22     April airs were abroad,
23I saw the sheep with their lambs,
24     And thought on the Lamb of God.
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Ian Lancashire
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