Shakespeare's Sonnets: Those lines that I before have writ do lie

Sonnet 115

Original Text: 
SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS (London: G. Eld for T. T. and sold by William Aspley, 1609): g4v-h1r.
1Those lines that I before have writ do lie,
3Yet then my judgement knew no reason why
4My most full flame should afterwards burn clearer.
6Creep in 'twixt vows, and change decrees of kings,
7Tan sacred beauty, blunt the sharp'st intents,
8Divert strong minds to th' course of alt'ring things,
9Alas, why, fearing of time's tyranny,
10Might I not then say, "Now I love you best,"
11When I was certain o'er in-certainty,
12Crowning the present, doubting of the rest?
14    To give full growth to that which still doth grow.


2] Ev'n] Euen Q. Extrametrical, with line 4. Back to Line
5] reck'ning] reckening Q (parallel to "fearing" [9]). accidents] events. Back to Line
13] a babe] Cupid (cf. 153). say so] say "Now I love you best" (line 10). Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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