Shakespeare's Sonnets: Oh from what pow'r hast thou this pow'rful might

Sonnet 150

1Oh from what pow'r hast thou this pow'rful might
2With insufficiency my heart to sway,
4And swear that brightness doth not grace the day?
7There is such strength and warrantise of skill
8That in my mind thy worst all best exceeds?
9Who taught thee how to make me love thee more,
10The more I hear and see just cause of hate?
12With others thou should'st not abhor my state.
13    If thy unworthiness rais'd love in me,
14    More worthy I to be belov'd of thee.


3] give the lie] deny falsely. Back to Line
5] becoming of things ill] ability to make bad things attractive. Back to Line
6] refuse of] refusal of, contempt for. Back to Line
11] abhor] despise. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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