1Amœbas at the start
2  Were not complex;
3They tore themselves apart
4  And started Sex.
5And Sex has ruled the earth
6  From then till this,
7Producing woe and mirth
8  And pain and bliss.
9Through Sex the seedling wakes
10  To cleave the ground;
11'Tis really Sex that makes
12  The world go 'round.
13It sublimates the mind
14  With noble themes,
15Or sends it unrefined,
16  Suggestive dreams.
17'Tis Sex that rules the lives
18  Of clods and kings;
19It gives us books and wives
20  And other things --
21Ambition, love, and strife
22  And all the ills
23And ecstasies of life --


24] Brills: A.A. Brills, who translated Sigmund Freud's writings on sex into English. Back to Line
Publication Notes: 
Guiterman, Arthur, The Light Guitar (New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1923): 15-16.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire