The Selfish

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Poems of John Galt: A Selection, ed.. G. H. Needler (Toronto: Burns and MacEachern, 1954): 32.
1There is a death, an apathy profound
2As that of those who in the churchyard lie,
3Although the sepulchres be above ground,
5They rot with vermin, dead as clod of clay,
6And greedy sycophants, heart-eating worms,
7Forever gnaw on them, forever they
8To all that crawl or creep or coil or prey
9Remain insensible; not fear informs
10Their cold residuum,--if a man may call
11That thing a residue, which never knew
12One throb for others; wrapt in cerements all,
13In shrouds of selfishness, they cannot rue
14The loathsomeness of their estate and hue.


4] morts: dead persons. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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