Original Text: 
Gould, Gerald. The Augustan Books of English Poetry: Gerald Gould. Edited by Humbert Wolfe. London: Ernest Benn Ltd, 1928: 27-28.
1Two seagulls flying
2   Alone and away,
3Gold in the dying
4   Gold of the day,
5Soon will turn silver, soon
6   Pass out of sight:
7Silvered they'll be in the moon,
8   And sped in the night.
9But never I hear
10   Music cry from the strings,
11And never my dear
12   Sits by me and sings,
13But I shut my eyes,
14   And the soul looks far,
15And there, lost gold in golden skies,
16   My seagulls are.
17How beauty, wondering, wakes,
18   Who knows, who knows?
19For beauty the heart breaks
20   At the song's close.
21Flashing, sailing, turning,
22   From all but themselves apart,
23My gulls are flames burning
24   At beauty's heart.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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