The Sandbar

Original Text: 
Theodore Goodridge Roberts, The Leather Bottle (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1934): 15. Internet Archive.
1Here the black crows gather;
2    Here the herons wade
3Along the amber shallows,
4    Far from their willow shade.
5Here the patient clams
6    Trail out their senseless scrawls,
7And here the glassy tide
8    Breaks white in sudden squalls.
9Driftwood lodges here,
10    Polished and smooth and grey,
11Washed down from above the Falls
12    Hundreds of miles away;
13Shingles thin as paper,
14    Rafters and tide-worn planks
15Ripped from bridges and ferries
16    When the river topped her banks.
17Here the loud crows gather:
18    Here the slim terns fly
19With curved wings flashed like silver
20    Against the cobalt sky:
21Here the whitecaps ride
22    When the wind blows up at dawn;
23And here the plovers cry
24    When wind and sun are gone.
RPO poem Editors: 
Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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