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The Complete Poetical Works of William Gay , ed. J. Glen Oliphant (Melbourne: Thomas C. Lothian, 1911): 108. Internet Archive. Sydney Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS), digital text sponsored by AustLit:
1Come forth, O Man, from darkness into light,
2Renounce the dust, break through thy sordid bars,
3For ever leave the crawling shapes of Night,
4And move erect among thy native stars:
5No longer grovel in a foetid cell
6When all the spaces of the sky are thine,
7With Sloth and Want no more a beggar dwell
8When thou canst claim a heritage divine;
9Awake and live! nor dream the dreams of death
10That brood, fantastic, fearful, o'er thy grave,
11Thou art not of the stuff that perisheth,
12Nor unto Fate and Time art thou a slave;
13Thy power extends beyond the starry Pole,
14And worlds and suns revolve within thy soul.
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Cameron La Follette
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