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Katharine Tynan, Irish Poems (London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1913): 64. 9700.d.1471 Cambridge University Library
For Pamela
1For that one angry word I spoke,
2     And for her wild surprise,
3Through the long night, the still night,
4     I watch with sleepless eyes.
5In the lone hour, the dark hour,
6     Come back her grief and pain,
7Again, her great and frightened eyes,
8     Her tears that ran like rain.
9Then she was in my arms again,
10     Weeping against my breast:
11In the grey house, the dim house
12     It will not let me rest.
13For that one wrong I did, O child
14     Quick to forgive, forget,
15In the dim light, the owl's light,
16     'Tis I remember yet.
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Ian Lancashire
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