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Lyrics of Earth: Sonnets and Ballads, ed. Duncan Campbell Scott (Toronto: Musson, 1925).
1I stand at noon upon the heated flags
2At the bleached crossing of two streets, and dream
3With brain scarce conscious now the hurrying stream
4Of noonday passengers is done. Two hags
5Stand at an open doorway piled with bags
6And jabber hideously. Just at their feet
7A small, half-naked child screams in the street,
8A blind man yonder, a mere hunch of rags,
9Keeps the scant shadow of the eaves, and scowls,
11Thunders an empty wagon, from whose trail
12A lean dog shoots into the startled square,
13Wildly revolves and soothes his hapless tail,
14Piercing the noon with intermittent howls.


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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1997.