The Prospect Behind Us

for Susan Glickman

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S. P. Zitner, The Hunt on the Lagoon (Fredericton, N.B.: Goose Lane, 2005): 93.

1There are more poets per capita in Canada than in any other country,
2including the countries that have not yet developed prose,
3and there are more Canadian poets than Canadians who read them.
4Perhaps the Canada Council should offer grants for aspiring readers,
5though grant applications themselves have inspired poetic expression.
6There may be no remedy. The muchness of poets in Canada
7Is in the nature of the country, this land of hard-won anonymity,
8where praise is a leading export. Canadians venture into verse
9as they venture into the bush, heavily laden, prepared for the worst--
10to be stung or bitten, or not to be heard from again.
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Ian Lancashire
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