Primal Testament

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Ian Lancashire, "Gitana," Primal Testament (Niagara Falls: Seraphim Editions, 2016): 41-43.

1Asteroid Targets
2   Gaian Chicxulub:
3      Terranean Anarchy
4         Creates a Gap.
5            Gone is the Cretaceous
6            Tertiary in Ashes;
7         Countless the Goodbyes to
8      All That.
9   Gaian Creation
10Gapes after Chicxulub:
11   Anarchy Targets
12      Terra post- Asteroid.
13         Goodbye to the K-
14         T, All un-
15      Counted, the Goners: that's
16   That now: just Ashes at the
17Sea- Gate.
18Rosalind Franklin wept not,
19for such breaches do not count
20with genes that self-proof-edit:
21need not ask who will be last
22one standing, it will be the code
23that writes itself, not forgiving
24oak confessionals that come to grief
25with third-hand-out dried bouquets,
26distracted with an offer
27to foreclose on unpaid debts
28to a cemetery plot,
29a body's real estate,
30and leave on the plate a bill
31whose implications can but
32stupefy intelligence:
33re-birth, resurrected flesh,
34payback or vindication,
35a clean well-lighted place
36for Enki, Inti, Freyja,
37Aphrodite, and themselves?
38Imagination envies
39scientific information;
40both persistently subvert
41the will to understand them,
42one tells Him where He wants to go,
43science is a picture show
44excluding Him from what He knows.
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"Gitana" (c) Ian Lancashire. Printed gratis, and specifically for Representative Poetry Online, with permission of the author. As published in Primal Testament (Niagara Falls: Seraphim Editions, 2016). Any other use, including reproduction for any purposes, educational or otherwise, will require explicit written permission from Ian Lancashire.