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David McGimpsey, Sitcom (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2007): 42.
1Precious as the love between a man
3sweet as spending the night in a van
5Into the thicket the gnatcatchers go,
6grey winged with high-pitched mating calls;
7I take you to my parents' bungalow
9Sweet as toffee muffin without the muffin,
10gentle as a less-howly howler monkey,
12riding the back of a ceramic donkey.
14so let's skip school and love one another.


2] Betty or Veronica: Betty Cooper (the wholesome girl next door) and Veronica Lodge (spoiled rich girl), girlfriends of Archie Andrews in the comic strip Archie. Back to Line
4] Goldshläger: cinnamon liquor with very thin flakes of gold in it ("gold-beater"). Back to Line
8] Big Macs: double beef-patty McDonald's hamburgers. Back to Line
11] soft-serve: soft ice cream pumped out of a machine in swirls. Back to Line
13] meth: methamphetamine, a psychostimulant or "upper." Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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