The Prayer of the Year

Original Text: 
Ethelwyn Wetherald, The House of the Trees and Other Poems (Toronto: William Briggs, 1895): 9. Internet Archive.
1Leave me Hope when I am old,
2    Strip my joys from me,
3Let November to the cold
4    Bare each leafy tree;
5Chill my lover, dull my friend.
6    Only, while I grope
7To the dark the silent end,
8    Leave me Hope!
9Blight my bloom when I am old,
10    Bid my sunlight cease;
11If it need be from my hold
12    Take the hand of Peace.
13Leave no springtime memory,
14    But upon the slope
15Of the days that are to be,
16    Leave me Hope!
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Ian Lancashire
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