A Praise of His Love

Wherein He Reproveth Them That Compare Their Ladies With His

Original Text: 
Songes and Sonettes (London: R. Tottel, 1557). Facs. edn. (Leeds: Scolar, 1966). PR 1205 T6 1966 Victoria College Library
1Give place, ye lovers, here before
2That spent your boasts and brags in vain;
3My lady's beauty passeth more
4The best of yours, I dare well sayn,
5Than doth the sun the candle-light,
6Or brightest day the darkest night.
9For what she saith, ye may it trust,
10As it by writing sealed were;
12Than I with pen have skill to show.
13I could rehearse, if that I wold,
14The whole effect of Nature's plaint,
15When she had lost the perfit mould,
16The like to whom she could not paint;
17With wringing hands, how she did cry,
18And what she said, I know it, I.
19I know she swore with raging mind,
20Her kingdom only set apart,
22That could have gone so near her heart;
23And this was chiefly all her pain;
24She could not make the like again.
25Sith Nature thus gave her the praise,
26To be the chiefest work she wrought;
27In faith, methink, some better ways
28On your behalf might well be sought,
29Than to compare, as ye have done,
30To match the candle with the sun.


7] troth: truth, honour, trustworthiness. Back to Line
8] Penelope: wife of Ulysses and classic illustration of domestic faithfulness. Back to Line
11] mo: more. Back to Line
21] kind: nature. Back to Line
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N. J. Endicott
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2RP 1.89.